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Saturday, October 12, 2013

George Soros’s (incomplete) proposal to save Europe

George Soros’s (incomplete) proposal to save Europe

George Soros has formulated one more call for Eurobonds here.
I’m in agreement with most of it.  Yet, not all.
  • Divergence in the Eurozone was largely caused by Germany not complying with the 2% inflation rule. Deflation, ever since 1999, gave Germany a means to lower the real exchange rate and steal demand from its partners (beggar-thy-neighbor).
  • There is nothing good with Greece running a surplus: A surplus means that financial assets owned by the private sector are reduced by the same amount (as a matter of accounting).

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George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930. His father was taken prisoner during World War I and eventually fled from captivity in Russia to reunite with his family in Budapest. Soros was thirteen years old when Hitler's Wehrmacht seized Hungary and began deporting the country's Jews to extermination camps. In 1946, as the Soviet Union was taking control of the country, Soros attended a conference in the West and defected. He emigrated in 1947 to England, supported himself by working as a railroad porter and a restaurant waiter, graduated in 1952 from the London School of Economics, and obtained an entry-level position with an investment bank.

In 1956, Soros immigrated to the United States, working as a trader and analyst until 1963. During that time, he developed his own theory of markets called 'reflexivity', which he has laid out in his recent books THE ALCHEMY OF FINANCE and THE CREDIT CRISIS OF 2008 AND WHAT IT MEANS. In 1967 he helped establish an offshore investment fund; and in 1973 he set up a private investment firm that eventually evolved into the Quantum Fund, one of the first hedge funds, through which he accumulated a vast fortune.