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Friday, May 28, 2010

George Soros Commodities are in a bubble too

George Soros On Commodities

Thursday, May 6, 2010

George Soros : The Euro a Currency in Danger

GeSoros : The Euro has failed politically

Soros : The Euro a Currency in Danger
George Soros "I am certain that Greece will be saved, because the government is taking all necessary measures: if you need to help 'Europe should respond. But there is a real problem on attitude of the Germans. They do not want to be the 'paymaster for the countries of Southern Europe who can not regulate themselves and they also have constitutional constraints. The point is that to really help, the rates of the credit in Athens should be as low as possible. " Are about 5%: European governments that have funds for Greece will eventually win. "Yeah. So it is counterproductive and is a technical error, because it makes it more difficult for Greece to get out of the hole and reveals real problems in the Euro itself. Everyone knew that the Euro, as it was built in Maastricht was an' unfinished currency , Europe had a central Bank but not a common fiscal policy, it gave the countries the commitment to keep the deficit below 3% of GDP. Virtually no one has met that threshold. " Germany was the first in 2003 to refuse to suffer the penalties of the Stability Pact. "This suggests that the Stability Pact has failed and now we have all countries off course. Here is something missing, which must be added. In the past there 's always been the political will to take a step forward, now it is very doubtful that there is one. But this is dependent on the future of 'euro'. The 'euro was seen as compensation for German reunification. Yet Berlin has never seemed to be as isolated as today. The currency has failed politically? "The German reunification was the great driving force that has taken forward 'Europe. Germany was ready to pay any price just to have European support on this, then the Germans have always made the concessions needed to advance the European Union ', when you seek agreement. Not anymore. The Germans feel detached, self-centered and reluctant to keep their old role. This is why the European project has stalled. And while from here it can not go forward, but go backward. It is important to understand that if they do not move the next steps for the 'Euro' s gonna fall apart and the European Union 'also. Only this knowledge may inspire new advances. " Soros interviewed by The Corriere della Sera from Milan

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George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930. His father was taken prisoner during World War I and eventually fled from captivity in Russia to reunite with his family in Budapest. Soros was thirteen years old when Hitler's Wehrmacht seized Hungary and began deporting the country's Jews to extermination camps. In 1946, as the Soviet Union was taking control of the country, Soros attended a conference in the West and defected. He emigrated in 1947 to England, supported himself by working as a railroad porter and a restaurant waiter, graduated in 1952 from the London School of Economics, and obtained an entry-level position with an investment bank.

In 1956, Soros immigrated to the United States, working as a trader and analyst until 1963. During that time, he developed his own theory of markets called 'reflexivity', which he has laid out in his recent books THE ALCHEMY OF FINANCE and THE CREDIT CRISIS OF 2008 AND WHAT IT MEANS. In 1967 he helped establish an offshore investment fund; and in 1973 he set up a private investment firm that eventually evolved into the Quantum Fund, one of the first hedge funds, through which he accumulated a vast fortune.