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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Soros : Europe Defenses for Greece Too Weak

Billionaire investor George Soros says that austerity and structural reforms must be tackled in Europe , He talks about the European debt crisis and the global economic outlook with Bloomberg TV from Davos Switzerland during the Davos 2012 meeting January 27 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

George Soros : the European debt crisis could be worse than the 2008 crisis

Billionaire investor George Soros, and Soros Fund Management chairman, is warning that the debt crisis in Europe could end up even worse than the financial crisis of 2008. "because then you had the authorities to deal with it. the federal reserve and the treasury. and in the case of Europe, you have the central bank, but you don't have a common treasury. and you have to create it in the process of the crisis. which is this EFSF " George Soros said

George Soros warns of economic calamity

George Soros : “I am not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as serious and difficult as I've experienced in my career."
“We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse. The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.” - In a Newsweek exclusive

Friday, January 6, 2012

Soros : possible Break-Up of the Euro with catastrophic consequences

Billionaire George Soros chair of Soros Fund Management, Warns of the Risk of Euro Break Up , He told CNBC, "the markets are beginning to price into the market, the possibility of a break-up of the euro, which in my view would have catastrophic consequences, not only for Europe but for the entire global financial system because of the interconnectedness."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

George Soros : Gold Bubble on Brink of Bear Market

Two years ago Billionaire investor George Soros called it the “ultimate asset bubble,” , Soros sold most of his shares in gold trust in the first quarter of the last year though he did buy some spider gold trust shares in the third quarter of 2011

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George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930. His father was taken prisoner during World War I and eventually fled from captivity in Russia to reunite with his family in Budapest. Soros was thirteen years old when Hitler's Wehrmacht seized Hungary and began deporting the country's Jews to extermination camps. In 1946, as the Soviet Union was taking control of the country, Soros attended a conference in the West and defected. He emigrated in 1947 to England, supported himself by working as a railroad porter and a restaurant waiter, graduated in 1952 from the London School of Economics, and obtained an entry-level position with an investment bank.

In 1956, Soros immigrated to the United States, working as a trader and analyst until 1963. During that time, he developed his own theory of markets called 'reflexivity', which he has laid out in his recent books THE ALCHEMY OF FINANCE and THE CREDIT CRISIS OF 2008 AND WHAT IT MEANS. In 1967 he helped establish an offshore investment fund; and in 1973 he set up a private investment firm that eventually evolved into the Quantum Fund, one of the first hedge funds, through which he accumulated a vast fortune.